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    $35 Local Initiation fee - one time only fee
          waived for students and members under 21 years
    $65 National Initiation fee - one time only fee
          (if not already an AFM member)
          waived for students and members under 21 years
    $157 Annual membership dues - if paid in January
          (Quarterly dues: $40.25 /quarter)
    Work dues - 3½% general work dues, 5% work dues for
          engagements obtained through the
          website and most electronic media contracts

Benefits of Local 625, AAFM Membership
  • Eligibility for discounted life, health, and instrument/equipment insurance
  • FREE musician's referral service: (performers and instructors)
  • International Musician, a monthly publication of the AFM, including national audition listings
  • The Score, a quarterly newsletter of Local 625
  • Eligibility for concert sponsorship by MPTF (Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Funds)
  • AFM contracts, including single engagements through recordings, and the backing of the legal counsel of the AFM if those contracts are breached
  • Negotiation and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements with area organizations: Ann Arbor Symphony, Ann Arbor Ballet Theatre, and Ann Arbor Civic Band
  • Union Privilege program of discounted loans, legal services, and credit services